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David Portney, Creator of ProfileHER    RE: How to Understand Women & Practically Read Their Mind, At The Click Of A Button...

From:  David Portney

Let’s face it, understanding women is tough, and often difficult, especially if you have been single all these years.

And it sucks to keep being rejected by women because you don’t know what they like! BUT it sucks even more to keep looking for that one thing that will work for you... Right?

Now, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you looking for an UNFAIR advantage anytime you interact with women?

Do you want to read any girl’s mind at the click of a button?

Or do you want a way to maximize rapport and affinity and really connect with any woman?

What if I could just hand over to you a program that allows you to get a detailed psychological profile on any woman at the click of a button, have an unfair advantage with women, be able to know how to connect with her, find out what kind of dates and activities she'll like, and be able to maximize rapport and affinity?  Would you be willing to accept it?

If you said, "Yes", then please continue reading. Because in the next few moments as you read every word of this page, you will finally be able to confidently meet and date women with what people are calling the ‘secret weapon of dating’.

And you're going to be able to kiss a final goodbye to endless rejections from women.

Thousands of people like you are spending huge money trying to get their hand on this kind of this kind of program when actually; it is staring right at YOU!!!


ProfileHER is based on science, and allows you to create an uncannily-accurate psychological profile on ANY woman. With just a click of a button, you will finally be able to confidently meet and date women with what people are calling the ‘secret weapon of dating’.

How Does It Work? is a web-based app that has been built with countless hours of psychological profiling research. After you sign up, you will be presented with our easy 4 step profile generator. Simply answer the questions prompted using our manual, and click ‘generate’. You will then be shown an EXTREMELY detailed report on:

  • What ‘type’ of man she wants in her life.
  • What kinds of activities she wants to be taken out on during dates.
  • How to maximize rapport and affinity and really connect with her. is a game changer. With our app, you can easily access vital information before you go on that date. All you need is an internet connection!

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NOW is the time to forget about all the useless crap that just doesn't work, and get what actually will work for you.

OK, you're probably asking yourself, how much I'm going to charge for this powerful ProfileHER app...

As you can see... This program is worth up to $500 considering what you’ll get from it, but don't worry... You're not going to pay anything near that.

You see, I truly understand that you work hard for your money, and I know that you're afraid that I just might rip you off.

NO, I'm not here to rip you off, NO WAY!!!

But I'm sure that you also understand that I can't offer such a powerful program as this for free... Right?

So here's the deal.

For a VERY LIMITED time I will give the first few people who order full access to this App a SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE OF...

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Don’t Take Only My Word For It... Here Are A Few Testimonials I Got From Happy Customers Who Have Tried ProfileHER...

"I was skeptical... but using ProfileHER got the edge I needed..."

Ryan Jones
Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA

"It tells you so much about her by just answering 4 simple questions..."

Anthony Russell Panama City, Florida, USA

"I haven't had the greatest luck with women until now..."

Daniel Thompson
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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To make sure you succeed in your dating and relationships, I have included the following invaluable free bonuses. But you’ll get these bonuses only if you sign up for the ProfileHER App today.

Secrets of Instant Rapport

Bonus #1: Secrets of Instant Rapport

Discover how to get her to feel like she's known you forever or even obsess over you... BE CAREFUL with this stuff because it's extremely powerful!

In this eye-opening audio program you'll discover:

How to get her to feel like she's known you forever, even though you just met!

Forget about struggling to figure out what to say or what to talk about - you'll never have to worry about that ever again.

How to get her to constantly think about you when you're not around and even OBSESS over you - BE CAREFUL with this one!

The 69 Best Places to Meet WomenBonus #2: The 69 Best Places to Meet Women

Having difficulty meeting and dating hot and sexy women? Discover the best places to meet women, the reason why, and inside tips for succeeding.

In this super-special report you'll discover:

Places to meet women where her defenses will be down and your risk of being rejected is pretty much zero!

Places to meet women where you'll have no competition to worry about (no other guys!)

Places to meet women where she'll be alone - none of her meddling friends will be there to try to ruin your game!

Inside tips for each place - not just where, not just why, but HOW to approach and meet women in every one of the 69 best places is clearly outlined.

Tips for Success With WomenBonus #3: Tips For Success With Women

Most guys don't realize they make simple mistakes that blow their chances; you won't make those mistakes after listening to this audio program.

Inside this audio program you'll discover:

Why she's going to treat you like you're interviewing for a job - and exactly how to handle that!

How to stop making the mistakes most guys don't even know they're making - mistakes that completely ruin your chances with her.

How to get her to see you as different and better than all the other guys she knows & meets!

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David Portney

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